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Coelenterazine - Prolume Purple


Prolume Purple Coelenterazine analogues will shift your Renilla Luciferase emission to shorter wavelengths with a ~10-times higher intensity than Coelenterazine 400a (Deep Blue C™).

Emission spectra of wildtyp-Renilla Luciferase with different Coelenterazine analogues.



Near-infrared bioluminescent proteins for two-color multimodal imaging.
Rumyantsev KA, Turoverov KK, Verkhusha VV.
Nature Sci Rep2016 Nov 11; PMID: 27833162.

Comparison of PP-I to IV as substrates for a NIR BRET construct in bioluminescent imaging. 

Monitoring G protein-coupled receptor and β-arrestin trafficking in live cells using enhanced bystander BRET.
Namkung Y, Le Gouill C, Lukashova V, Kobayashi H, Hogue M, Khoury E, Song M, Bouvier M, Laporte SA. 
Nat Commun. 2016 Jul  PubMed PMID: 27397672

Prolume Purple (Cat. #369) was enabling these researches to follow protein movement within a single cell in real-time for up to 20 min using a sophisticated BRET system.

Bioluminescence Assisted Switching and Fluorescence Imaging (BASFI)
Luyuan Zhang, Fang Xu, Zhixing Chen, Xinxin Zhu and Wei Min. 
J.Phys. Chem. Lett.2013, 4, pp 3897-3902


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