About Us

The Brightest Light …

NanoLight® Technologies is a division of Prolume Ltd., established by Prolume’s founder Dr. Bruce Bryan and a group of excellent co-founders namely Bryon Ballou PhD; Gene Fineley MD; Chris Szent-Gyorgyi PhD; Randall Murphy PhD and Miroslav Trampota in 1996 and has been led by Prolume’s head scientist Hendrik Schmidt PhD since 2012 with the objective to provide a broad spectrum of bioluminescent reagents for an emerging scientific field.

NanoLight® Technology develops applications for natural, light-emitting marine proteins, or marine bioluminescence. The NanoLight® division is focused on becoming the leader in high-value reagent & reporter systems for new product development in the pharmaceutical, agrichemical, and research products industries.

Life sciences applications for NanoLight®’s technology include high-throughput drug discovery, functional genomics, tumor imaging, replacement of radioisotopes, optogenetics and molecular diagnostics.
One particularly exciting application is the ability to use NanoLight®’s reporter systems to “illuminate” gene and molecular function within living cells, allowing pharmaceutical companies to study drug activity.

Most of the substrates are provided in a lyophilized/dried form, stored under protective gas, which enables NanoLight to ship them at room temperature, a major advantage for the increasing challenges in international shipments.

Since 2012 NanoLight® has been providing non-toxic, water-soluble bioluminescent substrates mainly for the field of in vivo imaging to monitor tumor growth in mouse models. Another very recent application is the field of Optogenetics that gives neuroscientists the incredible ability to control neurons using bioluminescence.

Our research team continues to expand the product portfolio. Our recent discoveries like “Prolume Purple™” (patent US 9,624,425), is a novel substrate that outperforms DeepBlueC™, a widely popular substrate to study protein-protein interaction.

In addition to basic bioluminescent compounds, NanoLight is incorporating these substrates into complex buffer systems for a variety of luciferases with different kinetic profiles, providing convenience to researches, as well as reliable batch-controlled reagents for automated high-throughput screenings by pharmaceutical companies.

NanoLight is also a leader in developing tools for sensing molecular targets. We offer Streptavidin-conjugation for the world’s two brightest luciferases known so far:
Gaussia (GLuc-SA) and Oplophorous (NLuc-SA) luciferases, enabling easy detection of biotinylated molecules (like DNA, RNA, peptides, proteins).

Utilizing decades of experience in the bioluminescent field, NanoLight is offering custom reagents for specific and complex applications that would be largely ignored by other companies in the field. We work closely with customers in research institutes and universities, which enables us to identify trends and provide products and services accordingly.