Dear User please read before purchase:  The genetic materials listed below were discovered by a group of excellent scientists working for Prolume Ltd. and patented by Dr. Bruce Bryan and Prolume Ltd.

  • Gaussia princeps Luciferase (Gluc)
  • Pleuromamma Luciferase (PlmLuc)
  • Renilla mulleri Green Fluorescent Protein  (RmGFP)
  • Ptilosarcus species (Orange Sea Pen)  Green Fluorescent Protein  (PtGFP)
  • Renilla reniformis Green Fluorescent Protein  (RrGFP)

The above listed genes are covered by our patents:  US Patent Nos. 6,232,107, 6,436,682, 6,780,974, 7,045,599, 7,109,315, 7,238,497 and their world counterparts starting with WO1999/049019 most are entitled “LUCIFERASES, FLUORESCENT PROTEINS, NUCLEIC ACIDS ENCODING THE LUCIFERASES AND FLUORESCENT PROTEINS AND THE USE THEREOF IN DIAGNOSTICS AND NOVELTY ITEMS.

Purchasers Note:  NanoLight Technology and all of Prolume’s authorized distributors, must provide customers with a Label License, Package License, or Tear Away License with any products containing genetic materials related to the patents listed above.

        Label License                                          Material Transfer License

Screening or High Throughput Screening: if you are using our gentitic materials and collecting more than 10,000 data points per year, you are a Commercial Recipient as defined in the Label License (linked above). You should contact us and obtain written permission if you are screening and obtaining more than 10,000 data points per year.

Licensing: Please use our contact form or call us at (928) 367-1200 to discover how easy it is to license our genetic materials for your commercial puprose.