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NanoLight® Technology is the technology division of Prolume® Ltd., a company focusing upon broad based applications of marine bioluminescence. The NanoLight® division is dedicated to providing scientists with the highest quality reagents, luciferins (NanoFuel®s), recombinant bioluminescent proteins luciferases (NanoLight®s), photoproteins (NanoFlashTM) and fluorescent proteins (NanoFluorsTM).

We hope to offer the scientific, biotechnology and pharmaceutical communities brighter and color shifted luciferases and fluorescent proteins. We have a very easy licensing policy for non-profit as well as commercial entities.

NanoLight® Technology:

NanoLight® Luciferase Vectors
NanoFuel® Luciferins, Luciferases & Reagents
NanoFluorTM GFP Vectors
NanoTools® IPTG, DTT, Antioxidants and more


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 NanoLight® NanoFuel® NanoTools® are registered trademarks of Prolume® Ltd., Pinetop, AZ, USA.

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